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Updated pictures are on the way. Many thanks to all who are making this possible!!

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BSU Alumni and Friends,

The first Baptist Student Union of record on the campus of the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy was organized in 1947. Since then, whether you met in the Uptown Theater, on 11th Street (where Castleman Hall now is), the basement of the Rolla Clinic, or at our present location at 610 W. 10th, you know that lives have been impacted for Jesus and friendships have been forged that last a lifetime.



Good things continue to happen with growth each year and wonderful discipleship groups—the fellowship is amazing! It’s all the good things you remember from your time here. Each new crop of bright students is still looking for a place to find family and life-long friends. S&T is a uniquely situated place (as was MSM and UMR) with students who will impact the world. I find myself blessed to be able to work alongside them.



Our building was dedicated in 1984 and has gotten to the place where it needs considerable updates and refurbishing. You know what it’s like: you get comfortable with how things are but, to new students and their parents, it can look like we don’t care. We DO care! The Missouri Baptist Convention cares, too.  The list of work being planned is listed in this brochure.  Our overall goal is $60,000 and the MBC has started the giving with a $10,000 commitment.


Our alumni and friends value the heritage and opportunity here. Many of you are blessed with income which provides you with the ability to give generously. You have impacted Kingdom work. We’re asking you to do it again. Your BSU needs you to pray about what you could give and we need you to give. See how at


Finally, we look forward to the mess (it means something is happening). More than that, we look forward to our Grand Re-Opening sometime next year. We’ll get the word out on when that will be.


Bruce Wade
Campus Missionary/Minister of Students
Baptist Student Union at Missouri S&T

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Rolla BSU Parking Lot-01.jpg
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The MBC has created a site to facilitate your donations. Click on the button below to go to that site.

Who are the Friends of the BSU?
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