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Friends of the BSU

Over the past few years, area alumni and friends of the BSU have seen a need for a full-time campus minister here and formed the Friends of the Baptist Student Union at Missouri S&T. The purpose of this 501(c)3 is to employ a full-time minister of students at the BSU in Rolla.

See the "Support Us" page to see how you can help.


In 2013, the Friends of the BSU (in cooperation with the Missouri Baptist Convention) extended a call to Bruce Wade as full-time Campus Missionary/Minister of Students and things are on the upswing. Now, the ‘Friends’ Board of Directors is teaming with area Baptist churches, associations, the MBC, individuals, and alumni to raise support for the full-time position into the future.  This model has been used effectively by other BSUs in Missouri. The MBC will continue to support the facility’s upkeep. Churches and associations are committed to support the program budget.


The Friends Board of Directors consists of designated representatives from each cooperating Baptist association, and a representative of the Missouri Baptist Convention.  Directors of missions of cooperating Baptist associations and the BSU minister of students serve ex officio. Kevin Farr, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Steelville, is the current chair.

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