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"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things" -Romans 10:15

The epidemic threw a wrench into our trips this last year, but we hope to get back our there!!


MissionLAB 2022

By Spring of 2022 we were able to travel again (dodging Covid). New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s MissionLab provided a great plan for us to make an impact. The BSU partnered with the Phelps County Baptist Association to serve the area around the seminary. We cared for the children of women in recovery, laid flooring, painted, and helped in a resale shop and food distribution.

Montana 2023


In May of 2023 (just after graduation), we traveled to Butte, Montana, to assist some churches there. We, again, partnered with the PCBA as we also helped the BSU at Montana Tech with some facility work. The trip required plane flights and others driving with our equipment. It’s a beautiful area and good work is being done there.

Juarez 2024


Our 2024 Spring Break Mission Trip to Juarez, Mexico, was again a joint effort with the PCBA. Casas por Cristo is our partner agency. We built a home for a family there (from foundation to finish) in just over three days. We had a great team for a long drive and a great build.

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Disaster Relief

Vidor, Texas | January 2020

SE Texas can't catch a break! We worked rebuild in two homes owned by widows who had experience flood damage in the hurricane two years ago. One said they had just gotten back into their home eight days before the latest flood! No one down there remembers a flood before these last two. Alumnus, Joe Gillardi made it a great adventure!

Warsaw, North Carolina | January 2019

With alumnus Charlie Patterson's help, we completely stripped old wiring from and rewired a 3-bedroom home in four days (the first day was trying to figure out how in the world we were going to do it) laid about 80% of the sub-floor and got to eat seafood and bbq at the beach when we got done on Friday!!!

Houston, Texas

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated south Texas. 18 committed to go. We completed drywall installation on two homes, including taping and a first coat of "mud". Many thanks to alumnus Charlie Patterson for going, working, and driving! 

Orange, Texas

We returned to Texas, January 5-12, 2018. This time to Orange, Texas. Seven of us worked on three homes, doing drywall installation, taping, mudding, and installing doors, a toilet and a shower unit. One homeowner rewarded us with homemade gumbo and Texas chili! Thanks to Jim Chilton for helping.

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Spring Break '19, we partnered with Phelps Co. Bapt. Assoc. to minister in Honduras. We helped at Casa David (a Ronald McDonald-style" housing for families of patients and outpatients at the Social Security hospital in Tegucigalpa).


Eight BSUers and three from PCBA painted, sorted, cleaned, led devotions, led worship, ministered to children at the hospital and senior adults at a local senior center. "Stomach-stuff" didn't stop us the trip. We still accomplished a bunch and experienced God in a whole new way as He opened His world to us!

International trips during S&T Spring Breaks are a challenge for students who are looking at projects due, tests, and jumping right back into classes as soon as we return. Then again, S&T BSU students are pretty amazing!


Nine from the Rolla BSU traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico, to work with  IMB personnel there Spring Break 2016In order for our students to fully experience an international mission trip, a group of 13 returned in January 2017 (between semesters). These engineering and sciences students taught English to 7th-9th graders in a village school, did street evangelism, and hosted an evening English Corner Workshop. VIDEO

These trips provide valuable support for missionaries and expand the students' world and understanding of just how big God and His church are. They are also opportunities to make life-long friends with people who live thousands of miles away.

Ironton 2020-08.jpg

For nearly 40 years St. Pat’s trips have included ministering at the Baptist Home in Arcadia Valley, Missouri. These retired folks just love the visits by our students. The TBH Newsletter featured our 2017 visit. We hope to include other shorter-drive missions opportunities in the future.


Past Spring Break Missions Trips included serving at a shelter in New Orleans for many years. Other trips in the U.S. will be available and we hope to make an international opportunity (like Oaxaca-see above) available at least once during a student’s time at S&T.


Throughout the years, God has used student missions to raise up future missionaries, pastors, and strong lay leaders.  Students gain “front line” experience and make real kingdom impact. Summer Missions and Collegiate Disaster Relief Team assignments are for a minimum of 8 (max. of 15) weeks. 


Rolla BSU students who are interest in participating in Student Summer Missions, contact Bruce at the BSU, Maddy Atwell (, or David Hendrick (  at the Missouri Baptist Convention.

Becoming an Engineer on Mission

The International Mission Board has a guide for engineering students who are considering working in missions while working as an engineer. Visit the IMB site at for general information or click the graphic to the left to go directly to the Engineer on Mission guide book.


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